Monday, July 9, 2018

Filling Up with Joy

It started with the cherries.

Rainier and Bing. I bought them both. Then I bought the salmon, and the cod. And peaches. I bought those too. Their fragrance called to me as I was walking off. Sweet potatoes. Yep. I bought them too. Sweet onions. A good mineral water. 

And there was probably more. 

Two weeks ago I was detoxing. Last week I was sinking into rest and remembrance. I even brought back rosemary cut from my mother's garden. This week it's all about the joy. I just decided. 

It was tricky for awhile last night. In my exhaustion. In my trying to write with a positive vibe. I got there, but first I needed to acknowledge the truth of things. 

There's some wisdom to this - in the large and small things of life.

Monday mornings can be tricky too. Especially if there's residue from Sunday. And there might have been. But the morning was cool and soft. The tea was warm and comforting. The blank page of my morning journal beckoned. I had a good pen. The kind that pleases me as it scratches across the page. 

I planned the day and opened my laptop to begin this writing.


Well, if there's something I've learned about them in this current neighborhood project, they tend to begin early and go away after a few hours. So I went to the store. It really wasn't a hard decision. Set aside the agenda for the day, perhaps even tumble the elements, and decide to do it differently. 

That may be one of the secrets to choosing joy. Choosing it. Deciding to create a different outcome for yourself when you can. And we usually can. And if we can't, we can at least choose how we are going to be in the middle of it. 

That, we can always do. 

The Summer of Self-Love is a daily writing practice created to harness three months for thriving. The goal at the end is to host a dinner party. Sounds like an odd Hero's Journey, doesn't it? Most of them usually are.

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